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Madison Pilates Studio offers Pilates-based fitness training that will enhance your overall strength, agility and performance while helping you develop a graceful body. We warmly welcome all body shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels and goals.

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Pilates is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise because people have found that it is safe and effective for nearly everyone! The Pilates method involves a series of integrated exercises geared to help you achieve optimal alignment and posture.

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History Of Pilates

Around 1914, Joseph Pilates was a performer and a boxer living in England, and at the outbreak of WWI, was placed under forced internment along with other German nationals in Lancaster, England. There he taught fellow camp members the concepts and exercises...

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Our Services

Private Session

This is the most effective way to focus on your own unique fitness goals and needs. You and a Certified Pilates Trainer tailor your session to address your specific and individual priorities, maximizing your time working on strength, injuries or chronic issues. Book a Private Session

Duet Session

You and a partner share a private session and focus on similar goals and fitness needs while still benefiting from individual attention and instruction from a Certified Pilates Trainer. Book a Duet Session

Reformer Classes

A small group class that encourages you to pursue individual goals on the equipment in an energetic small group setting of no more than four clients. See specific class descriptions for more details. Book a Reformer Class

Matwork Classes

The foundation of all Pilates work on the equipment, matwork classes are a series of fluid floor work exercises designed to develop a strong foundation. Mat classes are a great way to add an extra workout to your week at a very affordable price. See specific class descriptions for more details. Book a Mat Class

Yoga Classes

Based in traditional Ashtanga Yoga, this class emphasizes technique, tradition, alignment and inspiration. You will learn yoga postures in a flowing sequence of movement and experience new potentials of strength and flexibility. Appropriate for mixed levels. Book a Yoga Class

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  • Jenny Vick entered my life 4 years ago. I am an exercise- hating 70+ year old woman with chronic pain stemming from arthritis and a compromised immune system that makes me susceptible to all sorts of aches and pains. I had tried everything the doctors had to offer, including various pain medications which caused more problems. Within weeks of working with Jenny, I began to move easier, find lost strength, and to imagine that there was hope for me to remain active and enjoy my life. Jenny researched my problems and with kindness, patience and knowledge, she continues to work with me every week. She is bold and fearless and has made me feel that things I thought were lost to me are still within my reach. It has been with her help and expertise that I enter into each new year with eagerness and verve. If you need help that others have not offered Jenny is a gift you MUST give yourself."


  • Pilates has taught me to breath! We have a tendency to be very shallow breathers. Pilates encourages your body to take deep cleansing breathes. Pilates has taught me to stand up straight. After a Pilates session, I can actually be taller! I used to require chiropractic visits every couple of weeks, but since doing Pilates I can feel it massage my spine and line up my neck and strengthen my lower back. My required chiropractic appointments are much fewer. Pilates has taught me to slow down! I have a tendency to constantly push myself, and Pilates taught me how to slow down, enables me to focus, think more clearly and permission to enjoy life more.


  • After a year of severe medical problems I gained a lot of weight and lost just about all my cardiovascular strength. When I was finally in a position to start losing the weight and get back into shape I had no clue where to start. Enter Amy, Jenny and Pilates. After talking to Amy about my history, she knew EXACTLY where to start. After only a month, I have noticeably better cardio, less stress, aches and pains, and I have already started to see the pounds come off! I would (and have) recommend Madison Pilates Studio to everyone I know!


  • A friend of mine asked me to join her at her Pilates class and it has changed my life! it was one of the best decision I have made. Pilates has erased my knee pain which made it possible for me to sleep better!! Overall my body feels so much better!! I love going to the studio because it has such a calming effect on me.